Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fast Weight Loss Diets!!!!!!!

 Weight Loss Diets!
Want to lose 1 kg?
YOU GOAL is to daily eliminate 500 calories, by strictly controlling your alimentation for the following two weeks, or starting a regular exercise program.
Your strategy
You don't have to look at food, but forget about it!
Write down in a notebook where, when and what you eat every day. In order to change your bad habits, you first have to become aware of them. Overweight persons tend to forget about half of the products they consume. Don't let yourself be tempted! If you keep food at hand or you are constantly thinking about it, you are on the best way of losing the bet. Keep food in the cupboard or in the refrigerator and stop buying crackers, sweets, peanuts or fries. Only eat in places which serve this purpose (for example, eat breakfast in the kitchen). When at work, don't eat in the office. Thereby, you will avoid the risk of the desk reminding you of food. You find it difficult to change your eating habits? Try to become more active. In order to lose the unwanted kilogram, try to walk or dance for 40-45 minutes each day. You want to lose 2 or 3 kg? YOUR GOAL is to eat, four weeks long, each day 500 calories less and to exercise more, in order to lose weight in the shortest amount of time possible.
Your strategy
Exercising helps you lose weight faster.
• Exercise more, so that the lower calorie intake does not slow down your metabolism.
• Diminish your food portions. If, for example, the normal lunch included 200 gr. of food or low fat fish, now you'll have to settle for 100 gr.
• Work out at the gym or go biking in the park - during one hour you'll burn 500 calories, even more, by climbing a slope. If you don't like sweating, a two-hour-walk by the roadside, during the week-end, means over 1.000 calories lost.
• Eliminate fat out of your alimentation! Avoid chocolate and French fries, but keep fruit and vegetables. For desert, try a fruit salad or something exotic, as a mixture of endives, oranges and low fat yoghurt. Give up butter in favor of margarine and change the fat snacks between meals with low fat aliments.
• Get ready for the moments when you will capitulate and rush to the fridge. Rice, pasta, mashed potatoes and vegetable soup, prepared in advance, portioned, kept in the freezer and heated fast are light snacks, which help deluding your appetite. Drink only low fat milk and avoid alcohol.

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